Electric and/or Tree Work at a Competitive Price
At Ken Johns Powerline Construction and Tree Services, we offer unparalleled expertise and know-how, so you can trust us to get the job done right the first time around. Our locally owned and operated company offers personalized services by working one-on-one with you to meet your electrical and tree service needs. We also provide knowledgeable insight with the utmost respect because we want your repeat business. For the best electrical and tree service contractors in town, contact us today!
Offering the Very Best in Electric Work for New Construction or Existing Systems
Pole line construction and Mtce Complete Underground installation and Mtce.
Generator Standby Systems Lighting Systems Surge Protection
Complete line of Tree Services including Stump Removals
Weather related restoration including Emegency Calls
Please contact us for more information and/or an estimate.
Ken Johns Powerline Construction and Tree Service

RR # 6, Owen Sound, Ont. N4K-5N8
Phone # 519-371-8890 Mobile # 519-378-5679
Contact us by Email:
ECRA/ESA  License # 7003327
(Electrical Contractor Registration Agency)  Click here to visit Web Site
Ken Johns Powerline Construction and Tree Service
RR # 6, Owen Sound, Ont. N4K-5N8
Phone # 519-371-8890 Mobile # 519-378-5679
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